Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them

Heya people! *hugs*
Seriously I NEED to make an effort when it comes to blogging...I just realised that I haven't blogged for like 2 weeks =.=

Anyways, here is a quick update of my life.

Saturday - 1st of August- I went to Michelle's birthday party at Jells Park. Had heaps of fun. Tons of pictures were'd take too long to upload them, plus I have limited time on the internet today so check out Joey's blog if you want to view them!
Sunday - 2nd of August - Went to Monash Open day with Yezi and Alan. Then they decided to "trash" my house. =OO Jks..they stayed for dinner. And we annoyed the heck out of random people on msn by saying random stuff to them and sending nudges XD
Saturday - 8th of August - Went to Partyworld karaoke in Melbourne Central for Calvin's early birthday celebration. Sang and enjoyed myself =] Had dinner at Sofia's in Camberwell. A BIG thankyou to Calvin and the other birthday boy...Brandon! =DD