Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm meant to be in bed, sleeping at the moment, but can't because someone is throwing a party just a few houses away from mine, and some lady is screaming like crazy. I think she IS crazy XD

Logging into this account and blogging is like wiping off the dust that has gathered on a notebook has been under your bed for a long know what I mean?!

Those who has seen me recently would notice that I've got black rings around my eyes...that's because I've been staying up late and studying for my exams. And no don't get me wrong..I would not call that "hardcore studying"'s just that I procrastinate during the day (although I did study for a bit at the library) and don't start studying until like 9pm? LOL. not good. DON'T learn from me guys.

On Monday, I had my biology exam. The exam itself wasn't too bad. It was a hot day, hence I thought it would be wise to sit nearby the air conditioner. But but but it was so frigging noisy...PLUS it was worse than a fan! DD=

The exams that I had for the rest of the week was pretty damn hard for me..I guess that's what you get for not studying much.

thats all for now!