Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life is too short to go around in circles, hence they should stop making us run laps in school XD

*points at my title* Yup..that's right.

Wave at my blog, woah it's been so long since I last blogged online..I used to have a Xanga, but got bored of it after a while (thus deleted it)...blogging here feels like re-uniting with a long lost friend who was once dear to me...okay I better change the topic before I get carried away.

I don't know why I'm here, blogging in the middle of the night
I guess I have too much on my mind
Before I created this blog, I had an idea of what to write
But now my mind is blank and I'm staring at the screen, hoping that my thoughts would magically find themselves places in here.

It's said that one will learn to CHERISH, when he/she LOSES something then REGRETS it.
Sorry, once again, I got a bit sidetreked...

Okay, life isn't exactly great at the moment...
Two days ago a good friend got me Kleenex tissues (which I really appreciated since they are like the BEST tissues you can find) and lent a shoulder but still I couldn't cry.

Going to places where they remind me of you
Remembering the days I walked to our primary school early in the morning to meet up with you, lie next to each other on the side of the oval, count stars and watch sunrise together
Trying hard to forget though knowing it's impossible to
Busying my life with other things yet it comes back to haunt me every night
Seeping alcohol, killing brain-cells, wondering if this is the way to go, if I want to erase memories of you
Knowing that we are no longer together, I still yearn for surprises; hoping that you'd show up at my door and sweep me off my feet
Telling you that I don't love you anymore, trying to convince myself this is how I feel
Repeating the sentence in my head whenever I think of you

It never crossed my mind that we would end up like this
A month ago we were pretty happy
I wish we could turn back in time
and fix the things that wasn't right.

It's funny how things have changed
It was two and a half years ago
We were both very, very young then;
We broke up for the first time,
You were crying, I got annoyed hence I walked away,
You followed me;

This time,
a similiar mistake, maybe a worse one
made for the same reason, and for the same person
I thought you would still be that little boy,
crying and following me
hoping I'd somehow forgive you
it turned out to be me who had to wait
for you to decide whether you still wanted to be with me.

A friend once told me that a man who wants you to wait will never cherish you, this is now finally sinking in.

I'm feeling sleepy, gonna go to bed pretty soon. Will edit when I am less stoned, bye stalkers =]